Undeniable Signs a Capricorn Man Is Attracted to You

Undeniable Signs a Capricorn Man Is Attracted to You

As you may know Capricorn has a reputation for being cold and unemotional, but in actual fact the Capricorn man is someone who is interested in women and is an Earth sign who is willing to go after what he wants when he want its! He wants to grow a relationship and needs someone as driven as him, but seeing if he is attracted to you can be hard, after all he sends all his time at his workplace or computer!

Luckily, we can help – plus, just as a note of comfort if you do like a Capricorn man and are looking for signs he is attracted to you, it is key to know that when this sign is with you this a loyal and loving sensual man who has plenty of love to give. He will be a smart and stable man to spend time with.

But before you get there, you need to know if he is attracted to you!

Firstly, you need to know that he isn’t great at expressing his emotions and if he is annoyed or angered – watch out! If you are also attracted to a Capricorn, you need to be the right person for this man – and not everyone is. Because they are often adept at hiding their true feelings, they need a little time to work out and to come around to the idea of being with someone. Having said that, if you sense that the Capricorn man is showing he is attracted to you then do ask him out! The chances are he has just been waiting for you to do it.

There are a few ways to see the signs a Capricorn Man is attracted to you – so let’s jump in.

1. His work is stopped for you (on occasion!)

Because Saturn is his ruling planet, their focus is on their prestige and their work – so it can be tough to compete in this area. For them, love will always come second to work although they are open to it.  If there is a project or something else pressing they are unlikely to be able to get away and to even to want to. Making money and a success of themselves is their number one priority for this sign. If he is attracted to you, the number one major sign will be that he is stopping work of any kind to talk to you, call you or even see you. He might even invite you to his workplace and shock, horror – he might stop working for a while whilst you talk!

 There is nothing that can deter them from their work so if they are stopping their work in any way this is a huge sign he is attracted to you. Even if you are a friend he would probably just dismiss you, only his heart will lead him to put a pause on his number one love – working!

Just a side note that Capricorns aren’t just workaholics but they are very keen on being stable and providers for themselves, self-reliant people and this is all part of this.

If you are distracting him, he is definitely attracted to you!

2. He is a little more open with you

This isn’t a man that you would call shy typically – after all, they tend to be people who aren’t very bothered about what other people think. They can seem a little stern and strict, and for a Capricorn to start to show emotions can make them a bit shy. This isn’t to say that this is true of physical touch however – if he is finding you attractive he will likely be the kind of man to brush past you and touch you when appropriate. There will be a little bit of a physical touch perhaps – so just look out for that.  

Despite being known as very detached emotionally, when a Capricorn likes you he will be light-hearted and funny, looking for ways to make you laugh and smile. They will have a glow around them and a positivity – a departure away from their usual work focused mood. He might also give you gifts – perhaps he will pick you up a coffee on his way somewhere or will pass you some chocolates – it won’t be a grand gesture with a compliment but it will be his way of showing he is attracted to you.

3. He is putting in effort with you

Capricorns have a similar energy to the Virgo earth sign, but when a Capricorn likes someone he wants to help them improve their lives. You will notice that he is helping you with the smallest things. He might be carrying things for you, picking things up – anything. Of course. he is the goat, always in the mountains but willing to travel down for love! Bear in mind because he is so busy and work focused, if he is making you a priority, he is also making you a project and he is carving out time to know more about you. There’s no need to test him on this – he doesn’t have time for games and mind tricks, but what you can do is just watch and wait, and see what he is doing with his actions to show you he is attracted to you.

4. They are possessive

If they sense that they are losing your attentions, especially to someone else they will start to get the hump! Easily hurt, they can get their pride bashed a bit especially if they like someone. They will want to feel that anyone they like is worth their time, and if they are attracted to you, they might start to get a little jealous. This is a little rich, especially as the Capricorn is trying so hard at work and might not be giving you the attention that you need anyway  – but if he is attracted to you he might start to be a little grouchy around other men who are spending time with you. This isn’t a great trait, but it does show a sign.

5. They want to know the plans ahead

If the Capricorn man is asking about your future and plans he isn’t just dreaming like a Pisces. He is asking because his is logically weighing up if you two can be together and if you are able to be compatible.  He is an Earth sign that wants to grow things and if he is taking time to work out what your plans and schedule is, you can be sure that he is attracted you and is interested in getting to know you more. He is the kind of man who will ask what you want to do in 5 years, what your career is doing and even more work-based topics!

If he can see that your work ethic and drive is a good match for his own, he will certainly be very interested, but the fact he is asking already shows he is attracted to you.

Make sure you have your plan in mind and stress that you too like success!

How are things going with your Capricorn man?

We know that a Capricorn man can be shy and a little awkward with you and you can’t tell if they like you. If they are acting strange, showing up at places where you are and appearing in your life, the chances are that you are attractive to a Capricorn.

They won’t approach you straight off, but will usually be very receptive for you to approach them and to lead the relationship or dating. Watch out for them in your DMs!

The Capricorn is a little tricky to get to know and who can blame you – he has a stoic and strict personality after all – but if you can get to his inner center you will see his sweet and softer side as well.  If they are contacting you frequently and showing that they are putting in more effort this is a great sign that he is attracted to you.

Just know that the number one rule is that Capricorn men are busy and will not simply flatter, gift or spend time with people that they aren’t attracted to.

If you think things are going slowly, this is a great sign because he is clearly taking you seriously.

Please leave the details below of the man in your life and the issues you are facing. Or, if you are still stuck with some behavior and you aren’t sure if it’s a good sign or a bad sign, let us know! We want to take a look and see if this is a typical Capricorn trait or something that shows he is probably attracted to you.

Please do also share this across your social networks so we can help more women who need to know if that Capricorn is really showing that they are in love so we can share the signs with more people.  Thanks for reading!

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