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I’m Sonya Schwartz, dating and relationship expert.

What Can You Expect From Her Aspiration?

My mission is to provide actionable dating and relationship advice that will help you take control of your romantic life. I research and write all blog posts on this site so YOU can find the right methods and tools to draw his attention, keep him interested and make your relationship a long-term success.

I know the internet is full of blogs and articles that promise to help you miraculously find a partner. But while this advice sounds great in theory, it is often inconsistent and rarely includes all the details you need to actually put it into practice.

Sonya Schwartz

Sick of reading the same useless tips over and over again, I established Her Aspiration in December 2015.

My aim is to provide actionable tips easy to implement on a daily basis and that can actually help you improve the romantic aspects of your life.

From time to time I may also recommend or review products and services that I feel may help you, but this will be with no extra cost to you (and sometimes even discounted).

Whether you’re looking for a date or struggling to keep his interest, Her Aspiration has got you covered.

Here you can expect to find:

  • Unique tips and advice covering everything relationship related.
  • Relationship strategies developed by established dating coaches, psychologists, and anthropologists.
  • Recommendations  and reviews on the best dating and relationship tools, coaching programs, online dating sites, and feminine beauty articles.
  • My personal dating and relationship advice derived from my own experiences and studies.

Who Am I and What Is My Purpose? 

I am a dating and relationship expert on the verge of becoming a dating coach. But it took me a long time to arrive here.

Like all great stories, mine too starts with a true decline.

I hit the bottom about eight years ago while I was struggling to find the ONE with whom I wanted to share my life.

Yet, no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work.

In my circle, I was renowned for always choosing the wrong guy. My heart ached so much seeing all my beloved friends getting married while I was attending their receptions either alone or in a poor company.

I can’t even recall how many relationships I went through, and none of them lasted more than a couple of months. Not even when the relationship seemed promising at first.

And after being dumped on my birthday by someone who seemed my Mr. Right, I decided to give the whole dating business a break. I was devastated, tired, and frustrated but I just knew I couldn’t let that story shape my future.

So I chose to educate myself. That’s how I discovered that dating is more than the chemistry between two people. It’s actually science we’re talking about. I did as much reading as I could, attended conferences and joined relationship courses with the purpose to learn as much as I could on the dynamics between men and women.

After months spent between libraries and classes, I finally understood why my relationships didn’t work.

The next step was to test my knowledge so I plunged into dating once again, and things took a turn for the better.

When I met Greg I knew exactly how to approach him to draw his interest. I knew how to convey without putting pressure and without showing my uncertainties. Our relationship felt so right in a way I hadn’t felt before.

But you know what? All this was possible because of ME. I was making my relationship a success thanks to my different mindset and approach.

When he proposed only months later, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was thrilled to marry my soul mate and our relationship has been unique and fulfilling ever since.

Yet, although I finally found my Mr. Right, I didn’t stop studying the behavior of men and women towards dating and relationships. I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to finding their better half and I’m convinced my role is to help you achieve this.

My goal is to share the information I learned throughout my journey and help you find pure happiness without making the same mistakes I made. 

Do You Need to get in Touch?

Each week I receive hundreds of questions from women looking for a fresh approach to dating or relationships. It’s sometimes impossible to send a private message to every one of you beautiful ladies, and I apologize for that.

Yet, I aim to answer all your questions through my blog posts. So, before hitting the send button to your email or comment, please:

  • Search this website for articles on your topic. I have tried to cover all common concerns regarding dating, relationships, marriage, how to deal with cheating and break-ups, and more. I also constantly update Her Aspiration with fresh content inspired by your requests, so even if you didn’t receive a private answer, please stay tuned as your topic may be covered in the near future.
  • Understand I am not a relationship coach just yet. This means I can’t engage in one-on-one counseling but I can provide plenty of resources for you to find the best coaching program.
  • Don’t take it personally if I haven’t replied to your comment or email. Although I do my best to respond to each question or concern, it’s physically impossible to deal with the high volume of queries received each day.

Do you need to get in touch? Please visit the Contact Me page.

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